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Panasonic PQJX2PM409Z Handset Replacement for System Phones Handsets CHARCOAL 7600 Series

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Free 12ft Charcoal Handset Cord Included!

Replacement handset for Panasonic business system phones KX-T7600 Series (KX-T7636-B, KX-T7633-B, KX-T7630-B, KX-T7625-B). Handsets are completely interchangeable between all the series telephones. Molded to the exact design and specifications of the original Panasonic system phone handset. Guaranteed to work with your Panasonic business telephone. We sell hundreds of these replacement telephone handsets and they fix most phone problems. Most users drop handsets causing the internal speaker and microphone components to fail. Simply replace those broken handsets with a new one and you're back in business. No more rattle, low volume, or dirty handsets. Forget calling the phone technician to repair the system phone. Those repairs range from $50-100 just for the repair itself and not including your service call charges. Replace office telephone handsets yourself! Our replacement handsets are guaranteed to work with your telephone. If you have any questions, find the model number listed below or call our customer service reps.

Panasonic PQJX2PM409Z Handset Replacement for System Phones Handsets CHARCOAL 7600 Series

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Panasonic only manufactures 3 colors for their system phones... BLACK handset, WHITE handset or CHARCOAL handset. Office Fones carries all colors for replacement handsets. Also, all replacement handsets come with FREE handset cords to match the new Panasonic handset. These cords are 12 ft and made with superior quality products for extra recoil and durable usage. You office telephone will be almost new.

KX-T7600 Sereis Telephones (Matte Finish and Charcoal Color for Best Match)

  • KX-T7636-B
  • KX-T7633-B - Top selling model of entire 7600 Series.
  • KX-T7630-B
  • KX-T7625-B
  • Note: Panasonic will label phones as Charcoal or Black, and many customers may interpret as more than one dark color. There is only ONE DARK COLOR for all 7600 series phones, which is Charcoal. White colored phones can also be confused with Ash or White labels, however there is only one light color for all 7600 series, which is White.

Additional Handset cords can be purchased here (refresh your entire home or office with new cords!):


  • 12 feet
  • 24 feet


  • 12 feet
  • 24 feet


  • 12 feet
  • 24 feet

Other similar Panasonic series that are compatible (however color will not match)

  • KX-T7400 Series Telephones (KX-T7420, KX-T7425, KX-T7431, KX-T7433, KX-T7453, KX-T7436, KX-T7456, KX-T7420-B, KX-T7425-B, KX-T7431-B, KX-T7433-B, KX-T7453-B, KX-T7436-B, KX-T7456-B) Use White or Black Color for Best Match
  • KX-T7200 Series Telephones (KX-T7220, KX-T7230, KX-T7250, KX-T7220-B, KX-T7230-B, KX-T7250-B) Use White or Black Color for Best Match
  • KX-T7000 Series Telephone (KX-T7020, KX-T7030, KX-T7130, KX-T7050, KX-T7020-B, KX-T7030-B, KX-T7130-B, KX-T7050-B) Use White or Black Color for Best Match

Additional Information

Manufacturer Panasonic
Color Black
Condition New
Warranty 1-Year Warranty

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