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KX-TA824 Panasonic Package System Advanced Hybrid Phone System 3x8 Max 8x24 Caller ID w/ (3) KX-T7731-B Backlit 1-Line LCD Telephone

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KX-TA824 Package System Panasonic Advanced Hybrid Phone System 3x8 Max 8x24 Caller ID w/ (3) KX-T7731-B Backlit 1-Line LCD Telephone

KX-TA824 Panasonic Package System Advanced Hybrid Phone System 3x8 Max 8x24 Caller ID w/ (3) KX-T7731-B Backlit 1-Line LCD Telephone

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The Panasonic KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid Telephone System is an expandable Hybrid system (uses analog and digital technology) for both business and residential applications. The phone system maintains the traditional Panasonic design as a true hybrid that can support either Key System Telephone devices or SLT (Single Line Tip/Ring - basic telephones) devices on any extension port without additional expense. The main control cabinet features both a serial port and USB port for PC programming (Microsoft Windows based maintenance application), and built in programming modem for remote administration. The System can be programmed via a laptop or from a system display telephone such as the KX-T7636B 

Caller ID is included on the initial 3 CO lines of the system and comes out of the box initially configured for 3 CO lines with 8 extensions. The KX-TA824 is compatible withPanasonic Analog System Phones from the 7700 Series (KX-T7750, KX-T7720, KX-T7731, KX-T7736, KX-T7737, KX-T7750B, KX-T7720B, KX-T7731B, KX-T7736B, and KX-T77 37B) and SLT (Single Line Tip/Ring) Caller ID telephones. Also, the system supportsDirect Station Selection (DSS) Consoles KX-T7740 and KX-T7440B to allow users to monitor all phones in the system (48 button station max). The phone system can expand with additional expansion cards available only for the KX-TA824: KX-TA82461 Panasonic 4 Port Door Opener Phone Card, KX-TA82470 Panasonic 0x8 Expansion Card 8 Extensions, KX-TA82481 Panasonic 2x8 Expansion Card 2CO Lines 8 Extensions, KX-TA82483 Panasonic 3x8 Expansion Card 3CO Lines 8 Extensions, KX-TA82491 Panasonic DISA/Auto Attendant Expansion Card, and KX-TA82492 Panasonic Voice Message Expansion Card. Up to two additional expansion boards can be plugged in to accommodate growth.

The KX-TA824 System will integrate with voice mail provided by the Central Office or anyPanasonic Full Featured KX-TVS voice processing system. The main control cabinet also provides a music port and pager port for external features like music on hold and call paging intercom systems. All CO-line interfaces are modular RJ-11 and do not require amphenol cables for connections from the telephones to cabinet, which makes it quicker and easier to install. The KX-TA824 is a new telephone system that was added to the line in mid-2005 and replaced the similar KX-TA624 (discontinued - refurbished available only). Based on the design of Panasonics successful KX-TA624, the KX-TA824 has several significant improvements. Supports and integrates with the new Panasonic KX-TVA50 and KX-TVA200 voice mail systems (older KX-TVS voice mail systems also work - refurbished only). 

The KX-TA824 is a low-cost solution for big telecommunications needs that are now required by home and small businesses to keep pace with the competition. The basic KX-TA824 is equipped with one internal master board that supports three outside lines and eight internal lines (3X8 configuration). The KX-TA824 has a hybrid design allowing users to connect either Panasonic KX-T7700 series proprietary telephones or single line devices such as standard telephones, fax machines or modems to any station port in the system without special hardware.


  • Simple built-in Voice Messaging
  • Single-line Extension Caller ID
  • 3 Level Auto Attendant using DISA
  • Caller ID Call Routing
  • Caller ID screening
  • Caller ID Name Announce
  • Personal Greeting for Caller ID
  • Intercom Paging
  • Trunk Service
  • Automatic Login
  • Toll Saver
  • Live Call Screening
  • Two-way record
  • Two-way transfer
  • On Site Windows Based PC Programming using built in RS232 or USB
  • Remote Windows Based PC Programming Using Built-in Modem Card
  • Local Carrier Based Voice Mail Compatibility
  • Advanced Proprietary Integration With KX-TVS and KX-TVA Voice Processing System

Additional Expansion Cards Available for Only KX-TA824

  • KX-TA82461 Panasonic 4 Port Door Opener Phone Card
  • KX-TA82470 Panasonic 0x8 Expansion Card 8 Extensions
  • KX-TA82481 Panasonic 2x8 Expansion Card 2CO Lines 8 Extensions
  • KX-TA82483 Panasonic 3x8 Expansion Card 3CO Lines 8 Extensions
  • KX-TA82491 Panasonic DISA/Auto Attendant Expansion Card
  • KX-TA82492 Panasonic Voice Message Expansion Card
  • KX-TA82493 Panasonic Caller ID Card for 3 CO Lines

Additional Information

Manufacturer Panasonic
Color White
Condition New
Warranty 1-Year Warranty

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